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Virology experts around the world immediately said this was obvious and gathered their colleagues to write that it was in as many journals as possible. Leading figures in Nature and the Lancet have claimed that anyone who thought it was anything other than that was a conspiracy theorist or a dangerous mad case. I thought scientists were supposed to look at the evidence and debate the likely conclusion. Instead, they collectively and broadly accepted this unproven theory.

My collaborators in Norway and I decided to look at the actual evidence and decided that the references cited by the aforementioned scientists did not support their conclusions, in fact quite the opposite.

We tried to respond and get into a real scientific debate, but we were told it was not in the public interest by all the journals we tried.

Fortunately, the National Institutes of Health and others in the United States issued a warrant that wanted to know why this Covid virus was so perfectly suited to infect human cells.

This led to the first of those reports which concluded that a transition from bats to humans is not as likely as previously thought. Unlike many of the so-called scientists mentioned earlier, they actually looked at the data.

Basically, what is most likely?

A) A hibernating bat wakes up three months ahead of schedule and decides to fly 1,700 km to Wuhan and land at the gate of the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV). There, it infects a passing human, leaving no trace in any other bat, civet or human population.


B) The Wuhan Institute of Virology, the world’s largest corona virus laboratory, which boasts of successfully genetically manipulating bat viruses so that they can easily infect human cells, falls under the umbrella of blow from a common and universal basic human error – incompetence.

Some facts to help with this decision.

First fact: SARS 1, which came from a bat and caused a limited outbreak in 2003, has escaped four times from Chinese laboratories, once from a laboratory in Taiwan and once from a laboratory from Singapore, nearly killing the lab investigator (detailed in America’s Best Medical Journal; NEJM) The Chinese, of course, say such leaks are impossible despite a 2018 NIH review of the work sponsored by America’s Top Doctor Covid , Dr Tony Fauci (via British zoologist Peter Dazsak through his Eco Health Alliance) who concluded that laboratory safety procedures were dismal.

Fact 2: The fact that no precursor fingerprints of this virus were found in a bat, civet or human before the Wuhan outbreak (it was around five percent in previous outbreaks of the virus such as MERS and SARS)

Fact 3: This species-jumping bat virus that causes Covid is reported to no longer infect bats and their cells just 18 months later. The odds of that happening are a billion to one.

The Republican Party’s new report focuses on the fact that the virus database in Wuhan was removed without warning in September last year and more than $ 2 million was requested to improve the infrastructure of the laboratory when she was only two years old. This request came shortly after lab staff and others began to fall ill (as did athletes who competed in a track and field event in Wuhan in October 2019). He also confirms that the director of the laboratory was removed from his post and replaced by the head of the biological weapons program of the People’s Liberation Army of the Chinese Communist Party.

They then go through the points that Birger Sorensen and I made as soon as the virus sequence was released.

These main points are:

There is no natural precursor of this virus that can infect the cells of bats, other animals or humans.

Further analysis shows that these are clearly 2 viruses spliced ​​together (our scientists say this is impossible without leaving a trace, but they are simply wrong). Dr Baric, one of the American collaborators of the Wuhan laboratories, was the first to perform such a technique and shared it with the guys from Wuhan!

The backbone is a bat virus, but the receptor binding site is virtually identical to those they published, boasting that it can easily infect human cells. They call it ‘gain of function’ (GOF) and they have published in major journals such as Nat Medicine and J Virology,

My colleagues and I have thoroughly analyzed all the available evidence and shown that these genetically modified viruses are the most likely precursors of Covid.

They then adapted this virus to infect all different types of human cells by inserting different receptors for the Covid virus into different cells using an HIV-based vector, pieces of which were taken by the Covid virus. Scientists say it could happen by chance. This is actually very unlikely because the sequences are identical to the lab vector used to make the virus so super efficient at infecting human cells. This is why Covid causes such widespread symptoms and illnesses.

No, the real question is why scientists have all agreed that this cannot be true when the facts are so clear.

And maybe why they all participated in the most gigantic and scandalous cover-up since Chernobyl.

Some say it’s because Trump supported the lab leak theory, and there may be some truth to it, but no excuse to ignore it.

Others say they didn’t want to upset China for denying and covering up all evidence of a lab leak.

And it gets more murky.

More and more evidence is being amassed indicating US funding for this “take-up” test and high-level cover-up allegations have circulated in the Senate.

Rest assured that it will not go away and the Truth will come out.

Professor Angus Dalgleish is a founding professor of oncology at St George’s, University of London. He is known worldwide for his research on AIDS and is a co-discoverer of the CD4 receptor as the main cellular receptor for HIV.

He submitted two academic papers concluding that Covid-19 is likely an artificial virus.

So far no article has been published.


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