Vladimir Putin entrusted the assistance of the governor of the Leningrad region in the construction of Belarusian terminals

Iimage source: official website of the Kremlin

The President mentioned various alternatives for the location of Belarusian infrastructure

Russian President Vladimir Putin has appointed the governor of the Leningrad region to provide assistance in the construction of the Belarusian terminals. The president addressed the issue during his participation, via videoconference, in the ceremony of raising the national flag of the Russian Federation on the Marshal Rokossovsky ferry, according to the Kremlin’s official website.

“Today I discussed this with the President of Belarus. Our Belarusian friends want to have a presence in the Baltic Sea region and want to develop their own port facilities.

As you know, I support this project, and I have asked you to come with all the help you can provide. These would be various places, points and structures where our Belarusian friends could pursue these projects. I won’t go into detail now because the alternatives vary, and you are aware of that. I would like to come back to this question later, and I want you to support these plans.

They are important for Belarus, and for us too, because they involve the expansion of our infrastructure, the development of our coastal areas and an increase in the volume of freight for our country. As a result, the benefits derived by Belarus will largely spill over to our economy. We are interested in promoting this project, so I want you to support these companies,” Vladimir Putin said.

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