Vladimir Putin News – Bloodthirsty tyrant HUMILIATED by Boris Johnson who jokes about ‘showing his pecs’ at G7 meeting


PM insists cost of supporting Ukraine is ‘a price worth paying’ (2/2)

The Prime Minister told the BBC at the summit in the Bavarian Alps: ‘I think the economic impacts on the UK will start to subside, we will find ways around things and some of the cost pressures will start. to decrease.

“But just in terms of staying the course, imagine if you didn’t. Imagine if we allowed Putin to get away with violently acquiring huge chunks of another country, a sovereign, independent territory – the lessons for that would be absolutely scary.in all the countries of the former soviet union you can already see what is happening in the baltic countries.

“But the cross-reading would also be felt in East Asia as well.

“So in terms of economic effects, that would mean long-term instability, that would mean anxiety across the world.”

Comparing the situation to the defeat of Nazi Germany, Mr Johnson refused to limit British support.

“What I would like to say to people is that I think sometimes the price of freedom is worth paying.

“And remember, it took democracies a long time in the middle of the last century to recognize that they had to resist tyranny and aggression.

“It took them a long time, it was very expensive.

“But what he bought in the end, with the defeat of dictators, especially Nazi Germany, he bought decades and decades of stability, a world order that was based on an international system based on rules.

“And it’s worth protecting, it’s worth defending, it provides long-term prosperity.”


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