“We did in 3 months what the others did not do in 20 years” – Governor of Ituri province


Lieutenant-General Johny Luboya N’kashama, governor of Ituri province in the DRC, said his predecessors had failed in 20 years.

The military governor made the remarks on Tuesday, while taking stock of his four months at the head of Ituri province, currently under marshal law.

On May 6, President Félix Tshisekedi ordered the establishment of martial law in the provinces of North Kivu and Ituri in the DRC.

General Luboya salutes the achievements of the FARDC in the context of operations carried out over the past four months.

“The Mai-Mai are quiet, they were here in more or less conquered territory but now we have started operations everywhere and so they are withdrawing and trying to reorganize themselves to come back but they are not going to come back”, he said. reassured.

“You know that 90% of our enemy is made up of Congolese, even beyond. And I told you that there was a loss of confidence between this population at one point with the management. So we have to rebuild all that. We need a global operational vision, ”he said.

He said: “we are at the operational level but we must also go to the social level and the level of development because this population must believe, must rebuild confidence.

The governor also noted that it is not just about military operations, but that other dimensions will be applied to jointly heal, rebuild and transform the affected population.

“Even if we end this war, do you think this traumatized population will be healed by military operations? No, it’s another psychosocial dimension. It will be other organizations that will do it, it will take reconciliation, ”said the governor.

“The problem is not as you see it, there is something very deep here that is beyond operations but, anyway, I know that people need security and I also know that if this people can trust, it’s not just war. , it’s not just operations or guns, ”he noted.

To those who wonder at the same time about the effectiveness of the state of siege in this province, General Luboya claims to have done in 3 months, which the others have not been able in 20 years.

“How did we get all these acts I’m talking about?” That in three months. Who has done it in 20 years? We have just done it in three months, we have opened everywhere ”, he declared.

“Who did it in 3 months. Today we must go on all fronts to show our people that there are leaders who care about them, that there are leaders who also care about their well-being and their security. », He underlined.

Reassured of the effective restoration of security in this province plagued by armed groups, the military governor nevertheless indicates that this is a process that will materialize.

“Security will come and it will come. A week before my arrival in Bunia, people were walking with skulls; insecurity had been created for 20 years, ”he recalls.

Referring to the relations between the populations and the military as well as the various abuses reported by the forces of this province, the military governor said he was reassuring that he was working to resolve certain isolated cases.


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