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Traveling around the world (including Russia) is not easy these days. But what if you could get all the souvenirs of the country without a visa and without crossing borders? Here is our guide to all Russian products available for purchase online or at your local stores.


It may seem surprising, but the big cities of the world have Russian supermarkets: Taste of Russia in Brooklyn, The Gourmanoff store in Brighton Beach; The Arbat store in Budapest, Rossia Supermarkt in Berlin … just use your search engine to help you find one near you! And there you can find a wide range of the most unexpected products, to name a few examples: sunflower seeds, vareniki dumplings, Russian ice cream, tvorog cottage cheese and of course caviar!

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Russia is not associated with high-end fashion. However, Russian fashion designers like Gosha Rubchinskiy are famous all over the world, and their clothes are available for sale in many countries (there are four stores in New York alone!). Moscow Outlaws, MIR Stores, Krakatau, these are just a few brands that deserve special attention.

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Tired of the same well-known brands? Well, there are several Russian companies that produce amazing watches with designs that have absolutely nothing in common with anything you have seen before. The Raketa factory has 300 years of history, Poljot and Slava are inspired by Soviet times, while Chaykin is the son of Russia’s most beloved watchmaker.

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Beauty products

Russia has a range of beauty products and brands available for purchase in several online stores around the world. Babushka Agafia, Natura Siberica, Organic Shop, Velvet Hands, Pure Line is just a short list of Russian cosmetic brands that are made from organic (and even vegan) ingredients from herbs and wild flowers. , birch juice and other traditional ingredients.

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Want to drink coffee from a cup designed by Kazimir Malevich? The Imperial Porcelain Factory produces statuettes, dishes and tea sets of multiple designs and themes. During Soviet times, the factory continued to function as the Leningrad Porcelain Factory and produced “propaganda porcelain” designed by the best avant-garde artists of the 1920s. In 2017, to commemorate On the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution, the factory reissued these items and they are available for purchase. Russian porcelain stores are located in many countries and are also available for online purchase.

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Russian silversmiths are less well known today than Fabergé. However, they create incredible objects and are awarded the most prestigious international awards. Each of them has their own unique style and uses a variety of precious metals and gemstones. Discover more companies here. Dagestanese designer German Kabirski’s unusual rings, bracelets and earrings are worn even by celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez.

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Interior design

Forget IKEA! Russian designers have what you want instead! Furniture, interior design, flowerpots, posters, fabrics, cozy candles, pottery and other designer items handcrafted by the most talented local artisans.

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Moscow goods

If you are a Moscow fan, these memories are definitely worth your attention. The brightest wares were created by the enthusiastic company ‘Heart of Moscow’, which aims to make tourists fall in love with Moscow. Pins, T-shirts, bags, mugs, socks – everything has a cute minimalist design and a heart sign on them.

Available for international delivery – coeurdemoscou.ru

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